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What is Gua Bao? The First Ever Burger??

The first ever burger? read on 

Long before what we know as the hamburger in the West, came “Gua Bao,” (pronounced, {gwa bow} and literally meaning, “sliced wrapper”) a Chinese sandwich, also known as a Taiwanese Hamburger or the Taiwanese taco, made with a steamed white bread bun, sweet BBQ meats, pickled mustard, peanut powder, cilantro and coriander. While the thought of steamed bread may leave you thinking of soggy sandwiches, Gua Bao will surprise you. The bun is allowed to cool after steaming, and is dry and fluffy when served. Often served as a snack at street food stands in China, the Gua Bao bun is shaped into a clam shell, somewhat like a soft, fluffy taco shell, and its fillings rest inside. Originating from Fuzhou, Gua Bao was adopted into Taiwanese culture, and is now enjoyed around the world.

All our Gua Baos are served with hand cut wasabi fries & wasabi mayo. 2 baos in a plate with prices starting from £9.9 for beef bulgogi, tamarind crispy chicken or bbq crispy tofu bites, £11.9 for bbq aromatic duck.

gua-bao taiwanese-taco halal-burger


note: All meats used are halal



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