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TimeOut ‘Best Places to Eat In Camden’s Kentish Town’


Bintang Restaurant 
Finding somewhere to eat in busy London can be a challenge, especially if you consider yourself to be somewhat indecisive. We’ve all been there, searching up “Best Restaurant in London” praying for a place that caters to our food needs, is in close proximity and on top of that has raving reviews on Google.

BEST_RESTAURANT-KENTISH_TOWN_CAMDENCamden Town a hotspot for shoppers especially vintage lovers. This perfect borough is one of London’s eccentric hotspots, buzzing with culture and beautiful landscapes like Queen Mary’s Garden there is a lot to discover and lot of options when it come to places to eat.




Bintang is a quirky artistic Pan-Asian restaurant no further than a 6 minute walk from Camden Town station. Open seven days a week from 11am to 10:30pm, great for those of us that get peckish in the late evening. It is the perfect spot to explore Asian cuisine, with mouth watering filipino food and Korean chicken wings your bound to find something that tickles your fancy. The atmosphere very intimate yet social with beautiful artwork exhibited on the wall from previous and current artists that have work in the company.


BINTANG_BEST_RESTAURANT_KENTISH_TOWN_CAMDENThough Alcohol is not served at the restaurant, there is a BYOB (Bring your own bottle) policy for those that love a little drink. The food is exceptional and great value for money, it has even been reviewed by TimeOut magazine.

So come down and explore the wonderful tastes that Asia has to offer without breaking the bank, who knows you might have just found your new favourite eating spot.

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