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Heat Wave in Bintang 2014

Heat Wave is on!! and Bintang Secret Bear Garden returns!
Escape the heat with variety of mocktails available in Bintang!
In case you didn’t know how to get there, there is a door located at the back of the restaurant….


and out you go and into the Secret Bear Garden!
We have a capacity of more than 50 people at our Al fresco seating!!
We welcome Party Booking, Birthday Party Booking, Family get together, etc, etc, you name it!




Eid in Bintang Restaurant – Halal London

About Eid

Eid is a global Muslim cultural event that officially marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Observed by millions of Muslims, Eid sees celebrations across communities and families throughout the world.

Eid-al-Fitr literally means the Festival of Fast-Breaking and is a time of important religious significance. It is also a day of forgiveness and unity.

Ramadan starts with the sighting of the crescent moon and lasts for one month. When the crescent moon is visible again at the end of the month, Eid-al-Fitr begins.

Traditionally the festive atmosphere is increased by everyone wearing their best clothes, so get dressed up and join in the celebrations!

Bintang is fastly becoming one of London’s best halal restaurants to dine in. With mouthwatering dishes such as our oven roasted Nonya chicken, our Adobo fried chicken wings and our korean BBQ, where else better to celebrate Eid with your family.

As a special offer we’re offering a free jug of our Blueberry Mojito (worth £10) when you spend over £30 on Eid Day.