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Heat Wave in Bintang 2014

Heat Wave is on!! and Bintang Secret Bear Garden returns!
Escape the heat with variety of mocktails available in Bintang!
In case you didn’t know how to get there, there is a door located at the back of the restaurant….


and out you go and into the Secret Bear Garden!
We have a capacity of more than 50 people at our Al fresco seating!!
We welcome Party Booking, Birthday Party Booking, Family get together, etc, etc, you name it!





Bad boy Easter BBQ at Bintang!!

Bintang Big Easter BBQ Weekend Starting from Good Friday 18 April to Easter Sunday 20 April. Expect Filipino BBQ Ribs, Grilled BBQ Lambchops, Cucumber Pandan Coolis, Yakitori, Blueberry Mojito… and many more!

6:00PM – 10:00PM while stocks last!! Make sure you book in advance for a Bintang Feaster! Click on the link below to book: http://bintangrestaurant.co.uk/bookings-and-reservations/

Korean Fried Chicken

Fried chicken and waffles are a beautiful thing. Crispy chicken served atop golden waffles, with kimchi butter and adobo glaze? How could you go wrong? You can’t. You. Just. Can’t. But, us folks at Bintang have shown, you can take a classic dish and give it a new twist, as evidenced by our recent experimenting with our American Korean Classic. This weeks special! let us know if you want to see this as a permanent fixture on our menu. Also stay tuned for our upcoming special!

Bintang BBQ every Sunday – Filipino BBQ

Over the last few months, we’ve been obsessed with BBQ! From BBQ Ribs, Steak specials and Korean Bulgogi. Bintang now proudly brings to you meat on a stick, also known as filipino BBQ. On my recent travels to Philippines this was the usual staple between meals. Found in street corners in every barrio. A humble stand selling weird and wonderful assortments of meat parts on a stick. Convenient, cheap, fresh and delicious. However anyone who has had the pleasure in trying this delicacy in Philippines can vouch for me when I say every part of the chicken is creatively skewered and prepared and nothing goes to waste. A bit extreme for the faint hearted, but for the open minded a delicious snack. Continue reading

Father’s Day more like I’m The Daddy Day

Father’s Day more like I’m The Daddy Day

Father’s Day was not really a day that was anticipated or planned. Most of the time I didn’t even know Father’s day was coming up until mum reminded us to buy a card or most of the case bought the card for us to sign. Despite protest for something different it was always Continue reading