October 30, 2013 0

Halloween at Bintang, Camden’s Local Haunt

With Halloween hiding behind the curtain, the winds howling and nights getting darker, Camden gets a little more frightening. However, with some of the locals in their elements its just another special day to put on your gladrags for the Camden collective. Here at Bintang we can hold your hand and walk you through so don’t fret as we present our special OFFAL offerings.

For the more adventurous we’ll be serving up dishes like OX tongue tacos, chicken liver popcorn, tender tripe stew, chicken heart yakitori, Ox Tail Rendang to name but a few. Get passed all the thought of eating Offal and we can assure you the tastes and textures are to die for!

Every day this week we will mixing it up, so call in and ask what on our specials board.

For the more faint at heart, give our sticky chops a try or our delicious roasted pumpkin soup.

Either way make Bintang one of your pit stops this Halloween. Book now before its too late!

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