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Halal Duck Ramen

With the never ending popularity of Gourmet Ramen on our high streets and TV screens, we thought we would give it a try and add our own variation.
 Halal duck ramen is one our newest dishes on the Bintang menu. Like all good ramen it starts from creating a delicious yet time consuming broth. especially a Tonkutsu Ramen Broth
Tonkutsu Ramen is traditionally made with Pork. Priding ourselves on being halal / kosher, we gave a good go on making a full bodied broth containing similar qualities of richness and creaminess a tonkutso broth would typically have.
Abit of a challenge but we think we hit it on the nail, with a combination of  roasted halal chicken and duck carcasses simmering over 20 hours we managed to extract all that marrow and gelatinous goodness from the roasted duck bones and  crispy skin. . Layering the broth with bonito, kombu, and shitake mushrooms, we can honestly say that its packed full of umami flavour. Creamy rich and full of great umami flavour, very satisfying!
but what is broth with out a great ramen noodle. and we went through a lot of noodles to  find the the perfect match. Not any noodle will do when it comes to ramen. What we were looking for was a special alkaline noodle that still retains its integrity and bite despite sitting in a piping hot broth. Last thing you would want is mushy noodles half way though your ramen bowl.
Low and behold we managed to get in contact with and artisan tonkutsu ramen noodle producer that met our needs. They went in deep explaining why they go though to make the perfect noodle. Needless to say thats probably another blog post.
Noodles check, broth check, now its all about the toppings. Roasted halal duck, slow poached egg, nori, porcini, creamed corn, pickled kombu, scallions, fried onions and black garlic oil. This dish is no doubt a labour of love!
Getting hungry just writing this! Come down to Bintang Restaurant in Camden Town, London. Give the ramen a try and let us know what you think.

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