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June 11, 2013 0

Father’s Day more like I’m The Daddy Day

Father’s Day more like I’m The Daddy Day

Father’s Day was not really a day that was anticipated or planned. Most of the time I didn’t even know Father’s day was coming up until mum reminded us to buy a card or most of the case bought the card for us to sign. Despite protest for something different it was always

one of two restaurants. Dad’s favourites, the Persian up Kilburn or the Chinese in Bayswater. Out of courtesy he always asked us what we wanted to eat, but like reciting a script he closed the menu and ordered for the whole family anyway. It was part of the routine, it’s not like we ever ordered anything different. We would feast, talk about what we learnt at school, discuss our aspirations but mostly talked about the restaurant. I guess nothing has changed there. At the end of our meal, Dad will reach for his wallet, scrutinize the bill whilst we all guessed how much it was…. and then he’d PAY. We gave Dad a big hug and thanked him for such an amazing Meal.

If it weren’t for the cards and scrupulously branded bottles of CK one and farenheit. It would be like any other family day out.

As a Proud new father I’m eagerly looking forward to my very first father’s day with my beautiful baby daughter Sienna, see proud pic above. Receive a card picked and signed already and confidently order for the family without even looking at the menu. Sienna may be too young to purchase rash inducing aftershave, but I’m counting the days non-the-less. Weirdly enough I also cant wait to take out my wallet or in this case, a half torn oyster card holder stuffed with receipts…and then..Pow! this is on me, even though it shouldn’t be, but its on me anyway, why? because I’m the Daddy. For those of you too young to remember, this event was formerly known as a Kodak Moment. A moment which I’m pretty sure will be slightly contrived with sepia tone filters and proudly shared through the world of Instagram, #wittyhashtagtocome

Hunting or gathering expeditions of anything of nutritional value may be slim nowadays. Modern man – provider & carer – you wouldn’t get mommy and the kids to hunt down a wild boar would you now? So don’t expect to be treated or dare I say pampered on Father’s day. Pick a restaurant, pick your favourite. Eat well, empty your wallet and fill your Heart.

Happy Father’s Day Daddies!


Save a bit of mula and Bring Your own Bottle aka BYO.

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