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Christmas 2014 Booking Now Available! If you don’t believe you won’t receive!

HOE HOE HOE! Christmas is here again, festivities bestowing upon us, Christmas carols, family gatherings, the usual… A busy month, busy streets, busy homes! Need a little time to enjoy it? let Bintang help co-ordinate your Xmas.

Catering for all tastes I’m sure there’s something for everyone. with a 3 course meal starting from 25 pound per person and lunch party menus starting from 18.5 per person.
Be sure to book before its too late!

Click here to view our Christmas Menu

As a little gift for all those elected to organise the office party we’re giving you a £10 voucher to spend with us in the new year! Call it a good will gesture or call it bribery, either way its still Noodles 😉
Did we mention the BYOB??? BRING YOUR OWN BICEPS? nope. BRING YOUR OWN BALL? wrong again.
BYOB means bring your own booze. a small corkage charge of £3 per person you can bring as much booze as you like. Potentially saving thousands of the Xmas corporate click here fore more info.

We do require a deposit of £10 per head which is refundable on the day of arrival in addition to a pre-order 5 days in advanced. For a lunch bookings we do have a menu stating from £18 per head.

For peace of mind, call one of our party co-ordinators and book today!

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