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BYO or BYOB – Best BYO in London

BYO or BYOB in London bring your own, bring your own bottle, bring your own booze. Whatever you call it its not a bad thing is it. With Majority of London restaurants Raking in the sales through expensive cocktails and overpriced bottles of wine you won’t be surprised to hear that an average restaurant bill is 70% booze.

Here in Bintang we put a lot more emphasis on getting the food spot on. We leave that special bottle of plonk you’ve been saving, in your hands.

That said we do have a great selection of mocktails available. To be honest we actually hate the word mocktails. It implies its a fake version or substandard version of cocktails. I kid you not, try one of our Yuzu & ginger mojitos and/or our freshly pressed apple and cucumber juice mojitos, you’ll understand why the noun is an injustice to the drink. Yes, they may not contain alcohol but who cares when they taste so good and consist of great health benefits.


Either way,  you choose to Bring your own booze or let us shake you a couple you won’t be disappointed!

with many more restaurants in the BYO scene, bintang is probably one of London’s Best BYO eateries.

Based in Camden Town, Bintang is a unique find off the beaten path in London.

Corkage charges applies: please ask you server

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