Bring your own coffee cup

Bintang restaurant explores the negative impact of the non – reusable plastic coffee cups on our environment. Our message is to encourage customers to bring their own coffee cups and be part of the green revolution!!


Bring your own coffee cup and be part of the green revolution
Equipped with the best vintage coffee machine and roasting our own Baraco bean coffee from Philippines we offer the best take away coffee in Camden! We provide the coffee, you bring your own coffee cup! Yes you heard that right!!

As an environmental friendly restaurant we are considering the harmful effects of disposable and non- recyclable paper coffee cups on our environment. Following the latest trends in London we want to raise awareness for this environmental causes!

This popular infographic was created by and shares a lot of useful insights, depicting how much the environment is polluted every day by using a paper or a disposable plastic coffee cup!

Bintang as an active and eco-friendly company, wants to be part of the “bring your own cup” movement and encourage you to bring your own coffee mug or thermo flask to the restaurant. Our vision is to encourage customers to use a sturdy alternative that will be beneficial to our environment and will make our planet a better place to live.

Looking for an additional incentive? We will reward customers who will decide to bring their own mugs with a 10% discount! If you don’t have a coffee cup then you can buy a keepcup reusable coffee cup or purchase one directly from our restaurant that also makes you a cool person!!

” It is a proven fact that coffee tastes better in your own cup. Well, we might not have the data to back that up, but if you love your mug and the environment show it!! ”