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Bintang Restaurant 
Finding somewhere to eat in busy London can be a challenge, especially if you consider yourself to be somewhat indecisive. We’ve all been there, searching up “Best Restaurant in London” praying for a place that caters to our food needs, is in close proximity and on top of that has raving reviews on Google.

BEST_RESTAURANT-KENTISH_TOWN_CAMDENCamden Town a hotspot for shoppers especially vintage lovers. This perfect borough is one of London’s eccentric hotspots, buzzing with culture and beautiful landscapes like Queen Mary’s Garden there is a lot to discover and lot of options when it come to places to eat.




Bintang is a quirky artistic Pan-Asian restaurant no further than a 6 minute walk from Camden Town station. Open seven days a week from 11am to 10:30pm, great for those of us that get peckish in the late evening. It is the perfect spot to explore Asian cuisine, with mouth watering filipino food and Korean chicken wings your bound to find something that tickles your fancy. The atmosphere very intimate yet social with beautiful artwork exhibited on the wall from previous and current artists that have work in the company.


BINTANG_BEST_RESTAURANT_KENTISH_TOWN_CAMDENThough Alcohol is not served at the restaurant, there is a BYOB (Bring your own bottle) policy for those that love a little drink. The food is exceptional and great value for money, it has even been reviewed by TimeOut magazine.

So come down and explore the wonderful tastes that Asia has to offer without breaking the bank, who knows you might have just found your new favourite eating spot.

Suman Churros

What happens when a Filipino suman and a Mexican churro fall in love and have a baby? the Suman Churro. This dish is so good every time we take a bite we want to close our eyes and get lost in the sweet crunchy cinnamon explosion of flavours.

Suman Churro food history 101

Suman is a rice cake originating from the Philippines. It is made from glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk, and often steamed wrapped in buli or buri palm (Corypha) leaves. It is usually eaten sprinkled with sugar.

A churro is a fried-dough pastry—predominantly choux—based snack. Churros are popular in Spain, Mexico, PortugalIbero-America and the Southwestern United States.

Suman churros  is a dessert created in Bintang Restaurant, Camden Town, London in 2016 by head chef Omar Shah. Very Popular crispy fried rice cake coated in cinnamon sugar and served with dulce de leche. Traditionally served with coconut ice-cream.

Suman Churros. A beautiful fusion of flavour and culture, complimented with an umptuos rich Dulce de leche sauce and creamy coconut ice-cream.

Available in Bintang restaurant in limited quantities so please enquire when booking to avoid disappointment.

Mothers Day

With Mothers day just around the corner, why not treat your mum to a dinner at Camden’s most vibrant restaurant. Enjoy anything from a staple Chicken Katsu curry to our spicy coconut noodle dishes, followed by a free desert for all mothers, because they deserve it!

With our new menu there is a whole range of quirky dishes, whether your a meat eater, Gluten free, Vegetarian or Vegan – And of course all our meat is Halal! 

At Bintang we have a variety of Mocktails, to wash down your meal with, from a blueberry and hibiscus mojito to strawberry daquaries. If none of these take your fancy, why not take advantage of our Bring Your Own service.

With a wide variety in our menu, we also have a variety in the way we cook our dishes, from wok cooking, coal grilling to sousvid low and slow.

We try to create a wide range of dishes for all the Veggies out there because we understand being a vegetarian and eating out doesn’t always come hand in hand. With any of our signature curries, noodle dishes and rice dishes you can have Tofu and Aubergine instead of meat. From an article from About Time, our vegetarian Bintang Signature dish (tofu and Aubergine with signature sauce of coconut cream, lemon grass, tamarind, lime leaf and galangal) was voted in their top 10 Sexiest Coconut dishes.



“You can’t eat like a King without your Queen”

with new years just over and valentines on the horizon why not exercise some of that new year resolution got get ’em attitude and book  a romantic dinner for two at one of Camden’s best Neighbourhood restaurants.

Bintang has pulled out all the stops on Valentines day. Offering an original mouth watering 3 course meal.

It’s all love – no matter what dietary persuasions, Continue reading

Best Christmas Dinner Restaurant in London

Why are we the best Christmas Dinner Restaurant In London, Camden?

“naughty or nice its better with rice”

a year in the planning we think we’ve nailed it with our delicious and unique 3 course Christmas set menu.

From £25  per head were probably the most affordable  christmas venue in London. That paired with being on e of the best BYOB restaurants in London there’s no excuse for the finance department to keel over when signing this off.

Hows the food you ask?

Just because were low on price doesn’t mean we compromise on our ingredients. With you worrying about the booze it allows our talented team to focus on delivering a great Christmas Restaurant experience, producing a meal that includes duck confit, rump steaks, coal grilling, sous vide braising amongst other dishes that push the boundaries in asian  fusion cuisine.

We can go on about the dishes but its best we let it do all the talking.

Book now as slots are filling up fast.

For lunch party bookings you can go for our £25 Three Course Xmas menu or we do have our very popular £18 Two Course Set Menu available. Please enquire with your reservation manager.


We do require a deposit of £10 per head. which will be refundable on the day of arrival.


Why spend hundreds if not thousands on booze when you can can bring your own . BYOB charges apply at £5 per head.

Halal, Vegan, Gluten, Vegetarian Friendly Restaurant

Its hard to please everyone, but not impossible. Given that our purpose it to provide excellence in customers experience and satisfaction we have a menu that meets all dietary requirements.

Remember folks “Naughty or Nice it Better with Rice” unless your intolerant to rice, than that’s a different story.

Please provide your pre order 10 days before your booking

Book here          View Menu Here

Bintang-Christmas-2015-Menu-front-Side    Bintang-Christmas-2015-Menu-Side

Halal Duck Ramen

With the never ending popularity of Gourmet Ramen on our high streets and TV screens, we thought we would give it a try and add our own variation.
 Halal duck ramen is one our newest dishes on the Bintang menu. Like all good ramen it starts from creating a delicious yet time consuming broth. especially a Tonkutsu Ramen Broth
Tonkutsu Ramen is traditionally made with Pork. Priding ourselves on being halal / kosher, we gave a good go on making a full bodied broth containing similar qualities of richness and creaminess a tonkutso broth would typically have.
Abit of a challenge but we think we hit it on the nail, with a combination of  roasted halal chicken and duck carcasses simmering over 20 hours we managed to extract all that marrow and gelatinous goodness from the roasted duck bones and  crispy skin. . Layering the broth with bonito, kombu, and shitake mushrooms, we can honestly say that its packed full of umami flavour. Creamy rich and full of great umami flavour, very satisfying!
but what is broth with out a great ramen noodle. and we went through a lot of noodles to  find the the perfect match. Not any noodle will do when it comes to ramen. What we were looking for was a special alkaline noodle that still retains its integrity and bite despite sitting in a piping hot broth. Last thing you would want is mushy noodles half way though your ramen bowl.
Low and behold we managed to get in contact with and artisan tonkutsu ramen noodle producer that met our needs. They went in deep explaining why they go though to make the perfect noodle. Needless to say thats probably another blog post.
Noodles check, broth check, now its all about the toppings. Roasted halal duck, slow poached egg, nori, porcini, creamed corn, pickled kombu, scallions, fried onions and black garlic oil. This dish is no doubt a labour of love!
Getting hungry just writing this! Come down to Bintang Restaurant in Camden Town, London. Give the ramen a try and let us know what you think.

So whats going down on EId?

Being one of London’s Best halal Pan asian restaurants we’re on the ball when cooking up some delicious Eid specials this week, starting today.

On the menu

Asian glaze crispy braised lamb ribs served with wasabi homeslaw.The ribs are fall of the bone delicious and seasoned with aromatic spices. Book now before they run out.

Just to mix it up a bit, we have a delicious creamy with duck ramen.

With the broth boiling up to 20 hours this is something were hoping to keep on our menu. We hope you like it as much as we do


BYO or BYOB – Best BYO in London

BYO or BYOB in London bring your own, bring your own bottle, bring your own booze. Whatever you call it its not a bad thing is it. With Majority of London restaurants Raking in the sales through expensive cocktails and overpriced bottles of wine you won’t be surprised to hear that an average restaurant bill is 70% booze.

Here in Bintang we put a lot more emphasis on getting the food spot on. We leave that special bottle of plonk you’ve been saving, in your hands.

That said we do have a great selection of mocktails available. To be honest we actually hate the word mocktails. It implies its a fake version or substandard version of cocktails. I kid you not, try one of our Yuzu & ginger mojitos and/or our freshly pressed apple and cucumber juice mojitos, you’ll understand why the noun is an injustice to the drink. Yes, they may not contain alcohol but who cares when they taste so good and consist of great health benefits.


Either way,  you choose to Bring your own booze or let us shake you a couple you won’t be disappointed!

with many more restaurants in the BYO scene, bintang is probably one of London’s Best BYO eateries.

Based in Camden Town, Bintang is a unique find off the beaten path in London.

Corkage charges applies: please ask you server

alfresco dining in our secret Bear Garden – camden

Do you prefer to dine under the stars and trees than you’ll enjoy the surroundings of Bintang’s secret Bear Garden. Yes we said Bear Garden, not Beer Garden.

Situated off the beaten path 5 minutes walk from Camden Town Station. We have been voted one of the best secret outdoor-spots in Continue reading

Filipino Fusion Food – Pan-Asian Restaurant in London

Looking for a great places to eat in camden, than look no further than Bintang restaurant on kentish town road. Bintang restaurant has been  established since 1987 and has always pushed the envelope with the Continue reading