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Bintang’s Cracking Breakfast & Brunch: What happens when Breakfast meets lunch? Spring forward and kick start your day at London’s best breakfast spot!

Bintang puts the “break” back in the breakfast and fuels you up! Check out our tumblr BBC page

The Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it is often skipped and forgotten as we rush out of our houses every day! The sun is kinda up, your alarm has been snoozed too many times and you finally manage to get yourself out of the bed! It’s already 8:00am and you have to rush to the tube to catch the next train! Sounds familiar? By the time you get yourself in your office chair you’re

empty-stomached and on low energy!

The prolonged disappearance of places to eat breakfast in London in the past decade has led many people to think that breakfast as an eating-out occasion is in terminal decline! Now we see breakfast places popping out in every corner of London, and restaurants paying even more attention to the first meal of the day!

Is it time you joined the early morning rush? Are you looking for the best breakfast places in London? Bintang Breakfast & Brunch Club will definitely surprise you and give you the energy you need to kick-start your day and get your productivity levels high!

Join Bintang’s breakfast club and spring forward your day with a healthy and complete breakfast/brunch

Bintang is moving beyond the traditional breakfast players adding an East Asian touch to its breakfast & brunch menu! We see ourselves as a café/restaurant that has wandered into London from the deep parts of East Asia to add a little fun to everyone’s lives!


Influences from the French quarter of Vietnam to the provincial barrios of the Philippines you can treat yourself to a French toast croissant, congee (our healthy savoury breakfast porridge served in China), Pan Asian variations of eggs Benedict but with a Bintang twist (eggs gilli gilli) and our special smoked scrambled salmon topped with ikura roe and bacon bao butties served with hoisin and plum sauce!

Our chicken satay peanut sandwich and bolgogi baguettes make them suitable, if not instantly obvious, breakfast choices for hurried commuters!

Bintang’s refreshing drinks are not missing from our breakfast menu! Energize yourself with our pineapple and lemongrass freshly pressed juice and our signature home-roasted Barako bean ‘’cortado’’coffee from Philippines!

As the spring has finally arrived in Britain you can reserve your sunny spot in our lovely secret “Bear” garden and enjoy a Sunday brunch alfresco dining!

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