April 3, 2013 0

Bintang Tuesdays

Aren’t Tuesdays great? It is the time of the week when you got over your weekend, Monday blues are a distant memory and the next weekend is A stone throw away.

You buying this? I didn’t think so. Let’s be honest, Tuesdays are slightly less depressing than Mondays, not as orange as Wednesdays and Thursdays are the new Fridays. Well good news folks! Let bintang provide the culinary Prozac to your new favourite day of the week. We introduce the new and improved Bintang Tuesdays.

What is Bintang Tuesdays you ask?

What makes Bintang Tuesdays exciting and special is that you can now buy a main course from our new a la carte menu and get one for free! All you have to do with your friends is “check in” on Facebook (or like our Facebook page), follow us on Twitter #bintangmenu, Instagram you know the jiss, present proof to a member of staff onscreen or printed when you order to claim your offer!

Terms and conditions: Buy one get the cheapest free. The current offer is valid only with the a la carte menu and not in conjunction with any other offer! The maximum amount of people who can have the current offer is six! Offer valid until further notice and of course only valid on Bintang Tuesdays.


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