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July 27, 2013 0

Bintang BBQ every Sunday – Filipino BBQ

Over the last few months, we’ve been obsessed with BBQ! From BBQ Ribs, Steak specials and Korean Bulgogi. Bintang now proudly brings to you meat on a stick, also known as filipino BBQ. On my recent travels to Philippines this was the usual staple between meals. Found in street corners in every barrio. A humble stand selling weird and wonderful assortments of meat parts on a stick. Convenient, cheap, fresh and delicious. However anyone who has had the pleasure in trying this delicacy in Philippines can vouch for me when I say every part of the chicken is creatively skewered and prepared and nothing goes to waste. A bit extreme for the faint hearted, but for the open minded a delicious snack.

Having a restaurant located in Camden Town, London we had to tone down the thrifty nature of our cousins back home for the local crowd, but by no means does that translate to toning down the flavour.

We’ve somewhat altered my mothers Adobo recipe. Concentrating its flavour and viscousity to be suitable for our home made yakitori grill. The results were delicious.

During the Summer months we will be showcasing Filipino BBQ In Bintang Restaurant in our secret Bear Garden. With alfresco dining, Filipino BBQ and washed down with our Pandan & Cucumber Cooler, what better way to wind down the week on a Sunday Afternoon.

Between 6-10pm every Sunday click here to book your table

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